Welfare and informal care in your municipality

We promote the well-being of elderly people in your municipality by making digital social contacts with family, friends and local residents easier. We also relieve family by better facilitating and distributing carers to several people. You can think of family at a distance, use of local residents, volunteers and informal neighbourhood services. Finally, we stimulate technological innovation in elderly care by providing a platform for different partners.

Integration of local initiatives

I'm sure a lot is already being done in your municipality to connect people. We are happy to reinforce this by giving these initiatives a place on the Compaan. Or perhaps there is a marketplace for voluntary help that we can use to bring our own button on the Compaan to the reach of vulnerable elderly people? We are very consciously looking for cooperation with your partners. In addition, we always have our focus on the Compaan users, the elderly and their families.

Also curious what the Compaan could mean for the informal care within your municipality?