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The Compaan Connect Senior tablet is a managed tablet for people who appreciate the support when using technology. Unlike a regular computer or tablet, the Compaan Connect Senior tablet offers capabilities and technical support that fully meet the needs and desires of seniors.

Our customers communicate with their family and friends in a confined environment free of spam and viruses and don't have to worry about software updates. In addition, you have our support team that can be reached 365 days a year for all your questions.

This offer is linked to a monthly subscription, €19.90, including all Compaan services and unlimited access to the Compaan Portal. Why do I pay for a monthly subscription?

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Today's seniors are becoming more and more interested in the online world. Inspired by family and driven by digitization of governments, banks and social media, seniors make the move to a tablet or computer. This often proves to be quite difficult and sometimes even frustrating. With the Compaan Connect we offer older people a complete and safe tablet that is surprisingly simple.

For people who appreciate a helping hand

Unlike a regular computer or tablet, the Connect offers capabilities and technical support that fully meet the needs and wishes of seniors. The Compaan Connect is a managed tablet for people who appreciate the support when using technology. Thanks to our own design and recognizable buttons, the Compaan Connect is easy to operate. In addition to a combination of our own services for email, photos, image bubbles and the agenda. , the Connect offers its own secure Compaan app store with third-party apps.

Communicating via the Compaan Family Portal

The Portal is an online private and secure environment, where contacts are invited to communicate with the Compaan user, free of spam or viruses and without worries about software updates. Various informal care auxiliary functions have also been integrated, such as the"good morning report"or a medication reminder. A simple tablet naturally requires friendly support in use. Our service desk is available 365 days a year for all possible questions.

Contacts can download the Compaan Portal app for free. You can find our Portal app in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store and is dedicated to smartphones, to keep in touch with the Connect user even faster and easier.

About the Compaan Connect 4G

Those who don't have their own Wi-Fi connection can opt for an upgrade to our 4G connection model. Please note that the extra costs associated with a data pack are not included in this offer! You can choose a provider yourself or use our offer with Data Packs from Telenet. If you would like more information on this offer, please contact our customer service. We are happy to help you.

We are constantly evolving to offer ever better services. The Connect App store is updated monthly. If you wish to add an app, we will do the necessary to provide this app in our free app store.

The Compaan Connect is ready to use immediately and comes with a sturdy cover. You will receive this Gecko cover from us as a gift! Retail Value €34.95.

We've explained the key functionalities for you below:

Compaan Connect

Easy to browse all pages on the internet without getting lost. With the Compaan, you can watch movies, search for information or consult the latest news from your favorite news source.

Yet you end up somewhere you don't want to be, the familiar "back button" always brings you back to the home screen. From the Compaan Portal, the favourites are easy to set up. These are clearly presented on the home screen.

If you want to enter a page yourself, you use extra large letters and clear symbols. Just the internet on but then extra easy!

Compaan connect image bubblesImagine being able to hear and see each other at any time of the day thanks to the easy-to-use image bubble function. With the Compaan you have found your senior tablet! With this Compaan Connect senior tablet it is very simple.

Simply log in to the Compaan Portal or use our App for your smartphone and set up a video call. The Compaan reports with a ringing tone and message on the screen.

Your parents, grandparents or other seniors you love only need to record the conversation on the senior tablet. Actually just like with a phone but with image! Also good to know: a video call is completely free.

Compaan connect photosFriends who send a photo or video from every place in the world: we are used to it but for many seniors it is an enrichment in their lives. Open the Compaan Portal, take a picture and share that beautiful experience with Grandma.

Once the photo or video is sent, the Compaan Connect Senior tablet displays a notification on the screen and enjoys grandma with it.

Photos are also included in the picture frame on the tablet, which is shown when the Compaan is not used for a while.

Choose from one of the many controlled apps in the Compaan Appstore. Let the older person manage their banking through a banking app or install one of the many games from the appstore. Buy a bus ticket? Be sure to install the De Lijn app. All this simple and safe.

You can easily chat with each other via the Compaan Portal or our smartphone App. Easy but also safe because the Compaan Connect Senior tablet is only accessible by people who are invited by you.

The Compaan Connect Seniors tablet reports a new message with a sound and a message on the screen so you know a message is ready!

The full program for that day is clearly displayed on the Compaan in the calendar.

You set up appointments with home care in the Compaan, set birthdays and place reminders for important events on the senior tablet. You can easily schedule this through the Compaan Portal.

It is also possible to link an icon, a profile picture of a contact or even a video to an appointment!

Compaan connect newsThe Compaan keeps you informed of the weather: 1 click on the weather will give you the weather overview for the whole week.

We'll give you the local news: Good to stay involved in what's going on in the world. Through the Compaan Portal, you can set which local news is of interest to you.

Internet connection


Mobile Data Pack 4G

Not included

Gecko Cover

Included in this offer.
Each Compaan comes standard with a sturdy cover from Gecko Covers. You will receive this cover from Compaan as a gift! Retail Value (Coolblue reference) €34.90 .

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