Communication with the Compaan

Compaan Portal

The Compaan Portal is your personal, secure online environment on which you log in to communicate with the Compaan via your own computer. In addition, you can manage the Compaan via the Compaan Portal. You can use this to support the older Compaan users but also to organize the informal care around your parents. Want to know more about the Portal? Watch our video now:

Features of the Compaan Portal


mantle CARE


  • Invite contacts
  • Grant powers
  • Settings management
  • Supplement or limit custom-made features
  • Remote support
  • Handy dashboard, activity overview

Working with the Compaan?

Compaan Portal also on your smartphone and tablet

You can also communicate with the Compaan quickly and easily on your smartphone or tablet. This is just like on a regular computer via the Compaan Portal. You send your most beautiful photos and videos, or a quick message. Even image bubbles are possible. Every moment and from anywhere in the world.
Compaan portal app