Welfare report for projects/partners

The well-being question is a partner-specific implementation of the good morning question. It offers the partner powerful opportunities to follow up on well-being notifications from Compaan users.

Overall, its characteristics and capabilities are as follows:

  • To set up partner via ERP whether the well-being report can be used
  • By setting partner per Compaan user whether the well-being report is active
  • Double management through the Portal is prevented (partner is in control)
  • Uniform day and time for showing well-being demand to all Partner Compaan users
  • Algorithm for result in well-being notification (e.g. answered 3 times in a row with "bad")
  • Optional use of action list in partner environment for follow-up notification
  • Send optional email to one or more email addresses when notified by well-being

Relationship to good morning question

Contacts of the Compaan with at least care rights, can set a good morning question via the Portal. This ensures that the Compaan user is regularly asked how he or she is doing. There are three possibilities to answer:

Good morning feature Compaan

The answers given can be seen in the Portal. In addition, each contact can set whether to send an email if the question is answered with "bad" answer.

Welfare question

Through the ERP we can use the welfare option for each partner. With this option, partners can choose to activate the welfare question for each individual customer that falls under the relevant partner. The well-being question is exactly the same in terms of the appearance of the Compaan to the good morning question. The Compaan user will see no difference. What does make a clear difference is the management at the back.


Activating the well-being question with a Compaan user has the direct effect of removing all previously set good morning questions from this user. In addition, contacts will no longer be able to add new good morning questions or adjust or remove the well-being question through the Portal. However, set notifications by e-mail – such as "bad" answers – still arrive at the contact. What the page in the Portal looks like:

Good morning feature

This uniform management at the partner is deliberately chosen in this way. It prevents contacts and the partner from adjusting the same well-being question. Moreover, it may lead to the undesirable situation of a Compaan user being presented with the exact same question in quick succession.

Activating the well-being notification for a user is done in the partner environment. After switching on, this user will now receive the well-being question at the fixed time. If the answers give rise to this, a welfare report will be made.

Well-being reporting overview

Partners where the well-being option is activated see an additional menu button in the partner environment: Well-being. Below you'll see all the well-being notifications generated, regardless of whether an email was sent and if an action was created. Per notification you will also see the 5 last given answers.

Well-being notification email

It is optional to set the e-mail address at which a well-being notification can be sent via the ERP. Need multiple receivers? Please send an e-mail to (address).

For privacy reasons, the email message only contains the user's name and a link to the customer card in the partner environment. Only in the partner environment are all details visible.

Action on welfare reporting

It is optional to set the ERP that there should be an action in the action list in the case of a welfare report. Then, partner employees can pick up the notifications from the action list. In this way, we know exactly which reports still need to be picked up, and we also see who has handled an earlier report.