Your Compaan, the Senior tablet that digitally connects people

Engagement Your Compaan COVID-19 in connection with Taskforce Flanders Completely Digital.
We virtually bring the senior and his family closer together by making image bubbles or sharing photos or playing a game together. In this action, we focus specifically on our Belgian Residential Care Centres ("WZC").


They are being hit hard today by COVID-19. The lockdown measures to protect our seniors in WZC are necessary but at the same time this creates a huge psychological impact due to a lack of familial contact. In addition, it is also the place par excellence where our heroes of today take care of our heroes of the past. When we know that through Your Compaan we can make a difference for these people during these difficult circumstances, it is our civic duty to accommodate them.
Senior with tablet

What can we offer?

As a Start-up, today is a very difficult economic period for us, but we are still going to try to contribute to the maximum in our expertise. That's why we deliver 1 tablet free of charge to 10 Belgian Residential Care Centres for a period of 3 months, each of which has a Compaan "Classic" senior tablet available. For each senior tablet we can connect a maximum of 8 – 10 seniors (via the tablet) and their family members (via the secure portal). Thanks to the very user-friendly software, the senior will be online in no time and will be able to contact his family at different times in the day without having to rely on the care providers. We reach 80 – 100 of our seniorcitizens in WoonZorgCentra and we can go to sleep with the knowledge that these people will have a good night's sleep when they have been able to make image bubbles with their (grand)children (or sometimes even great-grandchildren). We would love to be there (even if this is not possible today) to see the smile on their faces when the grandchildren send a photo with which they can show very proudly to their fellow residents. But also the slogan "we are playing a game today" is now possible again.

Are there practical worries?

No, not with your Compaan's senior tablet. We have transformed a Samsung tablet software-moderately into a user-friendly device that was specifically tailored to the needs of our seniors. Get rid of the complex and far too small icons of the standard apps on Android and Apple devices. We have a basic tablet that allows our seniors to get started on their own. With a senior tablet from Your Compaan, there are no frustrations with seniors, nor with family because the situations where our seniors get stuck in an application and no longer know how to go back simply don't occur. If you still have a question somewhere, there is a support helpdesk 7/7 between 9.00 and 17.00 that will support you at your rhythm and where we take over the screen from a distance to put the senior right back on the right path. A study at PXL University of Applied Sciences has shown that 7/10 would very much like to use the Compaan regularly. In addition, we can organize the configuration remotely, so it is not necessary that we get on the spot so that we can respect the lockdown measures. In addition, our main contacts within the WZC are the IT team and the animation, so we do not mortgage the time of our healthcare providers. On the contrary this senior tablet will provide the necessary distraction to the residents.

Contact us!

If you are a Residential Care Centre and would like to comment on our commitment, please contact us via info@uwcompaan.be or directly to our direct number 078 48 51 81.

The first 10 registrations that have at least 8 residents and their family members can commit claim to use our applications for free for 3 months.