We are happy to help you with all your questions about Compaan. Below you can select the Compaan version that applies to you. You will find our manuals, additional user information and our answers to the most frequently asked questions.
Of course you can also contact us directly. Our telephone helpdesk is available daily from 9.00 a.m. to 6 p.m. on 078 48 51 81 (zonaal rate). Would you rather send an email? That's possible. Send your message to info@uwcompaan.be.

Frequently asked questions

The Compaan is suitable for seniors who can no longer handle the computer but still want to be part of our digital world. For example, they would like to receive a photo or video, write a message or make a video call. With the Compaan, you can do this in a simple way. As a family or friend, you can reach the Compaan user anywhere in the world, even if you live abroad or from your holiday address. For carers, the Compaan offers facilities that make remote care even easier. If you want to know more, please call us on 078 48 51 81 or email us via info@uwcompaan.be.
The Compaan is fully adapted to the needs of seniors. Simple to use and easy to operate by clear buttons. The Compaan is made for seniors who can no longer handle the computer or regular tablet but still want to be in contact with friends and family. Friends and family communicate with the Compaan through the Portal, a secure website that is only accessible to contacts. The Compaan is personalized by the carer according to the specific wishes of the user. For example, the Compaan is a tailor-made means of communication. The Compaan also has a support team that handles customer questions in a attentive and pleasant way.
You have decided to cancel your subscription. You can preferably give your cancellation by phone, but also by email or via the Portal. You can reach us via info@uwcompaan.be or via 078 48 51 81
It is also possible to send messages and photos to the Compaan from your own mail program. Simply send your message to the Compaan user's email address. This email address always ends on @mijncompaan.be and can be found in the Portal at the top of the Send Message page. You can attach photos. We can use any subject of the e-mail as a description of the photo on the Compaan.
You can reach the Compaan anywhere in the world via the Portal on smartphone, tablet or PC. Install the Web App so you can reach the Portal directly from your Home screen. Android: Open the Chrome browser on your smartphone or tablet. Go to the Compaan Portal: portaal.uwcompaan.be. Sign in with your username and password, and check the Stay Logged-in option. Press the three black balls in the upper right corner of the address bar. Press Add to Start, and then press the Add button. Apple: Open the Safari browser on your smartphone or tablet. Go to the Compaan Portal: portaal.uwcompaan.be. Sign in with your username and password, and check the Stay Logged-in option. At the bottom of the screen, press the square icon with the arrow up. Press Add to home screen, and then add to the top right corner.
Are you going to use the Compaan in a different location? Then we recommend that you first turn off the Compaan with the black power button on top. Once you're at the new location, turn the Compaan back on in the same way. At startup, the Compaan searches for a network connection. Select the network from the list and enter the matching password.
No, this is not possible. The Compaan tablet is fully adapted to the needs of seniors and we have chosen to offer you a total solution.
Want to set up another network? Once you start the Compaan, you can press the gear in the bottom right corner of the screen during the countdown (you'll see a green icon with a check mark). If you do this within 3 seconds, you can select another network and enter the appropriate password. If you don't get it yourself, call us on 078 48 51 81. We are happy to help you.
You can record contact moments, keep a log, share caregivers' documents, set up a medication reminder, and a good morning report. And of course you can keep in touch remotely by Skype or sending a message.
You can still use the tablet as a Samsung tablet after the subscription has stopped. Taking the tablet to factory settings is done by first removing the wooden shell (with the help of a cross-head screwdriver you can loosen the four screws). Then follow this instruction: 1. Hold down the home button (below the screen in the middle) for a few seconds. 2. Pull down the black status bar at the top of the screen. 3. Press the gear in the upper right and choose "Settings" and "Only Once". 4. Choose the "General" tab at the top of the screen. 5. In the menu on the left, go to "Back up and restore". 6. Choose "Restore default data" and "Reset device."
At the moment we cannot offer our installation services anywhere in the country. Call us if you want more information via 078 48 51 81.
Yes, this is possible. As soon as you start up the Compaan, you will be taken step by step in the installation process. If you can't get out yourself, you can call us on 078 48 51 81
Yes, the Compaan becomes your property.
The maximum delivery time is 7 working days, but in most cases we deliver within 3 to 4 working days.
No, you can't use the Compaan's capabilities without an Internet connection. There is a version with SIM card, where you don't need an internet connection at home. For more information, please call us on 078 48 51 81.
Yes, the Compaan can use the Internet. From the Portal, you can enter six favorites so that the user can easily go to his or her favorite website. In addition, you can easily enter the internet address and surf to where you want.
We have several locations where you can try out the Compaan. You can also test the tablet online by clicking on DEMO on our main page. If you want to know more, call 078 48 51 81 or send an email to info@uwcompaan.be
At the Compaan we really want to help people. We would like to go a step further. We understand that seniors need more attention and therefore always take plenty of time for questions or comments. We are available 7 days a week from 09.00 to 17.00. The Compaan is linked to a personal account, this account is stored with us. This is backed up daily. If something does happen to your Compaan, we can replace it and transfer your data at the touch of a button. We are constantly working to find ways to make the Compaan even better and smarter for you. Every quarter, we create new applications for the Compaan users, based on feedback from our customers. These applications are automatically available to you. Do you know that? Annoying advertising emails. Pop-ups and updates that need to be installed. At the Compaan, this doesn't bother you. Because of the encrypted environment, the user does not receive unwanted emails and pop-ups. We make software updates in order for you without you having to do anything. By remote management, we ensure that the Compaan is always operational. Can't you get out? After your permission, we can watch with you and solve the problem on the spot. You can contact us via 078 48 51 81 or via info@uwcompaan.be

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