Compaan Classic without monthly subscription


The Compaan Classic without a monthly subscription includes all updates, support and senior functionality for 1 year. As a result, you do not pay a monthly subscription fee and you enjoy a discount of 2 months. After the year, the tablet can remain in use, albeit with reduced functionality, or you can renew this functionality back for a year at the same discount rate. You will pay €199 and enjoy two months free of charge from all Compaan services.


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The Compaan Classic Seniors tablet is the most complete tablet for seniors. Thanks to the accessible design, the large buttons and the easy navigation, seniors can easily use them. This tablet has included all updates, support and senior functionality for 1 year. As a result, you do not pay a monthly subscription fee, but on an annual basis. After the year, the tablet can remain in use, with reduced functionality or you can renew this functionality back for a year at an economical rate.

Experience with computers is not necessary

The Compaan Classic is designed in such a way that everyone can learn. Specially developed for people without any digital experience, but who still want to be part of our digital world. Receive a photo or video. Write a message or make image calls. With the Classic Compaan, you can do this in a simple and safe way. Ease of use, safety and fun are key. The Classic Compaan is characterized by the large buttons and a clear screen. Plus, you'll never get lost on the tablet. There is always a "back button" on the Compaan's screen.

Communicate, share care, and manage the Compaan

For informal care, the Compaan facilitates concrete support. Family and friends communicate with the Compaan through the Compaan Portal,our online private and secure family environment in which the Compaan can be managed. For example, you can set up a "good morning notification","medication reminders" or calendar appointments via the Portal on the Compaan Tablet. With image bubbles we make care remotely accessible to everyone.

We've explained the key functionalities for you below:

Compaan Classic


Easy Surfingto all pages on the Internet without getting lost. With the Compaan you lookMovies, seek information or consult thelatest news your favorite news source. Yet you end up somewhere you don't want to be, the familiar "back button" always brings you back to theHome. Fromthe Compaan Portal the favourites are easy to set up. These are presented clearly on the home screen.


Being able to hear and see each other at any time of the day, thanks to the extremely simple image calling function of Compaan. Why hard when it's so simple?


Playing a game is fun and keeps the brain young. On the senior tablet of Compaan there are several games that are aimed at fun but also at mental vitality. The following games are available: Memory Game, Patience, Quiz, 4-in-a-row and Gallows. The last two games can be played together via the Compaan Portal.


You can send simple messages via the Compaan Portal or your own e-mail program. Easy but also safe because the Compaan is only accessible by people who are invited by you. The Compaan reports new message with a tone and a message on the screen.


The full program for that day is clearly displayed on the Compaan in the calendar. Set up home care appointments in the Compaan, set birthdays and place reminders for important events. You can easily schedule this through your Portal.


The Compaan keeps you informed of the weather: 1 click on the weather will give you the weather overview for the whole week. We'll give you the local news: Good to stay involved in what's going on in the world.


Through the Compaan Portal you can tell the Compaan senior tablet when medicines should be taken. The Compaan reminds the user of the drugs. Ideal as a reminder!


Know that your parents are doing well without you having contact. You can set the Compaan so that a "good morning" is requested every morning. If the check-in is missed, the Compaan will send an alarm via text message or e-mail after several reminders.


With the Compaan you can make care delivery easier. Part of the Compaan is an online family environment so that the seniors you love can be well taken care of.

Annual subscription

You can renew your subscription annually. You pay €199 for our annual subscription. As an advantage, you can enjoy our services free of charge for 2 months.

Internet connection

upgrade 4G, WIFI

Gecko Cover

Included in this offer.
Each Compaan comes standard with a sturdy cover from Gecko Covers. You will receive this cover from Compaan as a gift! Retail Value (Coolblue reference) €34.90 .