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Conditions of service Compaan Belgium is a service of NiC, Version of 01 June 2020

Article 1: Definitions

  1. Compaan: The tablet computer includes software and any peel that surrounds the tablet computer.
  2. User: The actual user of the Compaan.
  3. Portal: Online environment that can be reached via the Internet. Through this environment, the Customer can manage the subscription, view invoices, communicate with the Compaan and invite others to become contact of the Compaan.
  4. Customer: The person who made the agreement.
  5. Customer service: Compaan customer service. Information about the accessibility of customer service is published on our Website.
  6. Website: Compaan's website, accessible via www.uwcompaan.be.

Article 2: Service

  1. The service consists of a Compaan tablet and access to the Portal for at least one user, the administrator. This administrator can invite others free of charge to become the Compaan's contact person as well. The invited persons can then communicate with the Compaan through the Portal, share care, and manage the settings, depending on the privileges granted by the administrator.
  2. The software on the Compaan and possibilities on the Portal are constantly evolving. We will make new functionality available on both the Compaan and the Portal through an update.
  3. We strive for the highest possible availability of the Compaan and Portal. However, due to various circumstances, the service may occasionally be unreachable. If the service is not available for more than a full day per month, we credit you with a proportionate share of the subscription fee during the period of non-availability that exceeds this day per month.
  4. Part of the service is support in case of customer service problems. In case of questions or problems, you can reach Customer Service by phone or email.
  5. The service allows you to store messages, photos and documents, among other things. For the amount of storage we use a 'fair use policy'. We will inform you in good time if this fair use policy is in danger of being exceeded.

Article 3: Subscription effective date

The effective date of the subscription is the day on which the ordered Compaan successfully logs into the network for the first time or, if earlier, fourteen days after receiving the installation package. In any case, the subscription will never start later than twenty-one days after the day the installation package was sent.

Article 4: Cancel order

  1. You have the right to cancel the order free of charge within fourteen days of receipt of the installation package. You can do this by passing on the wish for cancellation via the Portal or to our Customer Service within this period.
  2. Immediately after processing the cancellation, you will no longer be able to use the Compaan and all stored data will be lost.
  3. Within a fortnight of cancellation, we expect the Compaan to return in its original condition to the return address indicated by us. When we have received the Compaan in good order, we will credit the one-off costs within 14 days of receipt.
  4. The costs of returning the Compaan will be borne by you.
  5. We do not credit any consumption costs in the period from the effective date of the subscription to the time of cancellation.

Article 5: Duration of contract and termination

When you buy a Compaan, you pay a monthly subscription. You can cancel the subscription at any time. Cancellation is possible through the Portal or our Customer Service. The subscription and associated service will end on the last day of the month in which you have cancelled.

Article 6: Subscription termination

The subscription may end in one of the following cases:

  1. Following a termination by the Customer.
  2. Following a permanent closure due to non-payment.
  3. Following the death of the User, who does not choose to use the Compaan with another User. Any subscription fee already charged from that end date will be credited to you within 14 days. Credit for one-time fees does not take place.
  4. As a result of misuse of the system or network by the User or the Customer. Abuse means, among other things, the deliberate (attempt to) overload the system or (attempt) to gain unauthorized access to other people's data.

Article 7: Guarantee

  1. Upon request for the subscription, you acquire the tablet computer including charger and any peel in ownership. 2. On the tablet computer and charger you have a two-year warranty, starting from the effective date of the subscription. You can claim this warranty in the case of a defect that is not due to incorrect use. Emphatically excluded from the warranty, defects have arisen from dropping the Compaan or coming into contact with liquids.
  2. If you claim the warranty, you can return the defective device to an address indicated by our Customer Service. After examination and if a defect is determining that is covered by the warranty, we will send you new equipment within fourteen days.
  3. If the defect is not covered by the warranty or the warranty period has already expired, you can choose to purchase new equipment at the then prevailing prices.
  4. Due to the nature of the product, we offer a three-month warranty on the peel where you can claim this warranty in the event of a defect that is not due to incorrect use.

Article 8: Invoicing and payment

  1. Subscription invoicing takes place monthly and in advance on the first day of each calendar month. By way of derogation, we invoice the first part period immediately after delivery. This is the period from the day of delivery to the last day of the calendar month. The first invoice also includes the one-time costs (=purchase Compaan tablet).
  2. As soon as a new invoice is available, we will send you a notification by e-mail.
  3. When you choose our direct debit, as follows. Shortly after sending the invoice, we will automatically collect the invoice amount from the account number you have specified. In doing so, we observe the legal deadlines resulting from the SEPA regulations.
  4. When you choose a bank transfer. After sending the invoice, you must pay it by bank transfer within the specified payment period.
  5. If the direct debit does not succeed or the direct debit is later reversed, we will send you a reminder by e-mail asking you to transfer the amount due yourself. If the amount is not in our account within 7 calendar days, we will send you a reminder by e-mail, free of charge. A further reminder, after another 7 calendar days, follows by post. There are a fee of 10 euros. Once again we expect the amount to be in our account within 7 calendar days. If this is not the case, we put a temporary blockade on the use of the Compaan and send you a default by post. When you pay the amounts due including 25 euros of resenting fees, we will reactivate the Compaan. If the amount is not in our account within 14 days, we will permanently terminate the subscription.

Article 9: Data

  1. We use your contact details such as correspondence address, email address and telephone number during the ordering process, in case of administrative or financial questions and in case of problems with the service that need your attention.
  2. It is your responsibility to update your data, in particular your bank details, as soon as there are changes.
  3. The above also applies to the data of the User of a Compaan. We do not charge a fee when the User of a Compaan moves.

Article 10: Customize User

  1. The Compaan can only be used by one person at a time. The data of the initial User of the Compaan is provided to you when applying for the subscription.
  2. You can choose to have the Compaan user customized to another person at any time. Please pass this on to our Customer Service in good time. There is no cost to customize the User of a Compaan.
  3. The user's customization has the effect of losing the data, messages, photos, etc. of the previous User. The new User of the Compaan will also receive a new email address that is linked to the Compaan.

Article 11: Liability

Compaan Belgium, a brand name of NiC, and its employees, are not liable for direct or indirect damage caused by the Compaan, the use of the Compaan or services around the Compaan.

Article 12: Amendment of the conditions

We will communicate to you a change in these terms and conditions for at least 30 days by sending a message to the email address known to us. After the 30 days, the new conditions will be tacitly applied. If a change in the terms and conditions is to your detriment, you have the right to terminate the contract free of charge.

Article 13: Applicable law and choice of forum disputes

The agreement is governed solely by Belgian law. Disputes arising from the agreement will be referred to the Commercial Court in Leuven.