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Why compaan?

The most important benefits in a row

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  • Tablet user

    Specially made for seniors. Clear and easy to use.

  • Help icon

    The next step in care giving. Support for help in and around the house.

  • Compaan Helpdesk

    Personal support for an even easier way to deal with the Compaan.

  • Umbrella

    Familiar close. Only accessible to family and friends.

  • Connect

    Connects generations and increases engagement.

  • Ecological

    Sustainably produced with a view to the future and a better world.

Choose your version

Our senior tablets come in 2 versions. The Compaan Classic and Compaan Connect. Two senior tablets with a fully controlled and secure environment, both with large icons.

The Compaan Classic is the simplest version. Here you have a limited number of icons that appear very large on the screen. The user cannot install additional apps himself. A limited number of apps can be added by the older administrator.

Do you want to give the older user a little more freedom, but still in a very safe environment? Then opt for the Compaan Connect. An app store is available with applications verified by Compaan. An important one of these is the banking app, for the seniors who want to be able to arrange their own banking.

Not sure of the choice? No problem, we can switch the tablet remotely from one model to another at any time. This with the complete preservation of the data and settings!


Senior Tablets


Install additional apps (e.g. bank) yourself


Family management portal

Image bubbles

Playing against family & friends

Read-aloud function

Convertable from Classic to Connect or vice versa


Communicati capabilities

Purchase cost WIFI model

Purchase cost WIFI + 4G model



per month

Simple and limited

Very large

Available 365 days a year from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
(by phone and email)

Closed environment: Only contacts can communicate with the Compaan







Available 365 days a year from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
(by phone and email)

Accessible to anyone who knows the Compaan user's email address



'Brings generations closer together'

With the Compaan, you choose service

Family and friends can keep an eye on things. They support Compaan users with the online family environment from their own computer, tablet or smartphone anywhere in the world. For example, they can remotely put an app on the Compaan, change settings or watch on the screen. There are also various help positions for carers such as a "good morning notification" or medication reminder.

Management and support 365 days a year

Difficult? Not at all! We provide security, updates and backup. In addition, a simple tablet naturally includes friendly support in use. Our service desk is available 365 days a year for all possible questions.

Try out the Compaan tablets yourself in our DEMO environment!

Compaan Classic

Compaan Connect

Why compaan?

Keeping in touch with each other at a distance became a breeze thanks to the digital inventions. But one generation fell by the wayside due to too rapid and complex changes. We are looking for the easiest way for this generation to enter the digital world. We help in the search for the best and easiest tablets for seniors.

The principle is simple. As a (grand) child, carer, knowledge of the older one, you get access to the Compaan Portal and the Compaan Native App (Android & Apple) so that you can get in touch with the senior anywhere, anytime. From now on, your grandmother and grandfather can get involved in family trips and vacations by simply sending out picture bubbles, crazy pelvis photos and/or videos. You can also play online games against the older ones or send messages.

The complete management of the senior tablet is done through the Compaan Portal. This is not possible for everyone, for security and privacy one administrator is indicated. The administrator can remotely choose which apps are installed or deleted, add/delete contacts, watch the screen, check how the older person feels, check whether the older ones have taken his medications, calendar management, ...


With the use of the Compaan, we want to unburden the senior and his family.  Of course, we also transfer this care to our online ordering procedure.

When you are convinced of the possibilities of the Compaan and you would proceed to order, we would like to list some of our guarantees (call them our Compaan principles) for you:

  • "Not-satisfied-money-back" guarantee for a period of 14 days (valid for tablet and subscription, provided no damage to the tablet and in original packaging);
  • At any time, you can cancel the direct debit order atno cost;
  • In case of termination, we can always transform the senior tablet into an android tablet free of charge so that (grand)children can continue to use it;
  • Not convinced yet? Call us (078 48 51 81) or email us(info@uwcompaan.be)and we will be happy to answer all your further questions.

Ordering process

If you are convinced of our Compaan Seniorentablet, you can order it from our dealer network or online via our webshop by going through the following steps:

  • Logo 1 red

    Via the order button on our website, you will find y to our webshop

  • Logo 2 orange

    Choose the Compaan version. Wrong, right? No problem we can still transform between the Classic and the Connect and vice versa from a distance free of charge

  • Logo 3 yellow

    More important is the choice of wi-fi (299.00) or WIFI with 4G option (369.00).
    If you prefer 4G and do not want to go to a telecom shop yourself, you can also take out a 4G subscription with us. In addition, the monthly subscription is 29.90 instead of standard 19.90. and you have a Telenet Mobile Data pack with 2Gb. If desired, bundles can be purchased. Please contact us for this.

  • Logo 4 green

    Choose from any accessories or options.

  • Logo 5 apple brew sea green

    Shipping costs are always 10.00

  • Logo 6 blue

    If you agree with what is in your shopping basket, we still need some personal data (these are of course managed properly according to the privacy legislation).

  • Logo 7 purple

    Make a choice of payment. In doing so, we offer a direct debit order We understand that some of you would prefer to retain control and for that we also offer the payment by wire transfer.   However, this is not necessary, we guarantee that a domicile will be stopped immediately when you inform us by email about this. Compaan's transparent and fast service guarantees this.

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